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All My Kittens:

Cheaper by the Dozen

For one brief moment in time, I had 12 kittens. For a few days there were actually 13, but one disappeared. He was so tiny.

They were from four different mothers who gave birth after the cold of the winter. All of the mothers had distemper to one degree or another. One was so weak her body only allowed her to carry one kitten. Another had a premature litter. One, having the largest litter of all, birthed 5 kitties. And one disappeared while we were away. She left 3 kittens behind at around the age of 2 1/2 weeks.

What was I to do? With great hesitation, I took the 3 in and bottlefed them. This is quite an ask living in the high mountains of Spain where there are few vets and no pet stores within an hour's drive. From the start, the 3 kitties weighed between 7 and 11 ounces. Thanks to the grace of God, we all survived and are doing well.

Presently, I am attempting to give them away, after spending many weeks preping them. Here is some video footage I shot with my digital camera. For all you cat lovers out there...I hope you enjoy it. It is in loving memory of Jericho, whom was lost to distemper at four months.



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