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Dried Fruits and Nuts are a Delicious Christmas Luxury
 Photo by Rev Stan
Homemade Jams, Jellies and Sauces Have Great Christmas Gift Appeal
Photo by Magnus Franklin
A Very Imaginitive Handmade Wooden Nativity

Photo by Laenulfean

Homemade Olive Oil and Vinegar Jars Look Rich for Christmas

Another idea is to take old bottles, sterilize them and pour olive oil or vinegar into them. Garnish the jars with herbs and spices. You can use herbs like lavender, thyme, rosemary twigs, blackberries, blueberries and currants. These add a soft and delicious flavor to liven the taste buds. And they look so appealing and posh.

Put together a basket including a selection of these. You could make honey or caramel popcorn balls died with red or green food coloring, too. The possibilities are endless. It really does stretch the Christmas dollar.

Homemade Crafts Are Always a Nice Christmas Gift Idea

I give away small paintings, too. And handmade pillows. Decorating plain frames can be a fun thing to do involving the children. Often thrift stores have really cool stuff. It does take time to sort through all the rubbish, but it is worth it when you find a treasure. To not get overwhelmed, I spread out the shopping over the weeks.

Candles, shampoo and soap are cheap enough to make, and fun too. You don't have to buy molds. Great ideas are sitting around the house, like milk and juice cartons. Stationary is easy to create with desktop publishing. If you have a lot of printing to do, you can do the graphic design on the computer and then take a disc to the printer. Each year we make luxury calendars for our family.

Another thing worth mentioning are Christmas Tree ornaments. Most families carry plenty of craft items in the household. With a bit of painless thinking and a look at other ornaments for inspiration, Christmas Tree ornaments can be cheap, quick and easy to make.

My gifts are prepared often months in advance, causing me no stress as the holiday approaches. This allows me to spend hours making lush cookies, candy and fudge. These I also give as gifts. People love them.

Get Practical This Christmas and Give Simple Gifts

The list of possible Christmas Gifts goes on and on. Just by making a little forethought, one can really save a lot of money and give some really thoughtful gifts that people will appreciate. And they will use them if crafted to their taste.

Remember, you don't have to be extravagant. We need to get back to the basics and the purpose of gift-giving. Most people outside of the immediate family don't really like what they are getting anyway. Save your money. Become more practical. Give gifts that people will actually enjoy this Christmas!

Written by Jori Sams
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