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Mirror-sharpened choir song ascends

Tourists shift in their wood-dark pews

And a priest prays for the equinox.


God holds light and dark, sun and cold

Equally in His hands this day

Blessing tiny humankind with balance.


Knelt on a padded cushion

I tune the kernel of my ear

Hoping to find holy concentration.


As the collect is intoned

Post-service the waiting priest

Smiles carefully as I limp by.


And a heron, waiting patiently

By the flowered, stone-round fishpool

Takes slowly to the air, flapping languidly.


Cathedral sojourn


Coolness creeps into the thicket of my soul

A recovered purse brings jubilation

Light enshrines a backwards corner

And, tremulous, I let loose.


Slowness, gentleness break forth

Uncertainties fade, slipping into stonework cracks

And a deep seated joyfulness ascends

Deliberately settling its feathers round about.


Sancta Cecilia, playing her hand organ

And wreathed in silvery grey

Watches, lined by saintly friends bearing palm branches

As once did Christ’s friends in a holy city.


A city wholly without cathedral quietness

Wherein the universe’s great heart cracked in pieces

Wherein midday darkness descended

Wherein love exhibited its endlessness.

Poems by Hannah Caroe
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