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Waking to a light layering of snow

And the palpable presence of God

Clouds underlit in ochre and faint rosy pink


Chapel curling around a rock

And peace stealing into the cold places of my soul

Igniting a thousand dancing flames


Cross on a sharp ridge

And sun glinting in the grassy dewdrops

A word from heaven: 'You are safe with Me'



26th November: 



Singing, blooming red sky

against the resonant white hills

evokes a dancing echo in my dim heart


Fumbling from sleep to see a holy snowed landscape

Dreams of the night left in bedclothes

A dull sheet of grey across the heavenly expanse


Is slowly drawn aside

to reveal a vastness filled with glowing embers

and scudding flourescent clouds


Creator God how, how can we praise you sufficiently.

Poems by Hannah Caroe

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