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Cybernation Kugelmugel
Photo by Tsui

It is thought there are thousands of micronations on the planet.

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Micronation Hutt River Coin
Photo by Roger Griffith


Polish Micronation Gnomia's National Flag - Photo by Michal Ridecki

Micronations: The General State of Play

What is a micronation and how many known micronations are there? Micronations are entities, generally historical deviations from established ruling nations, founded by people who have interpreteded the law in an abnormal, incorrect or eccentric manner. They are not recognized by any world government.

They are basically just ignored. Except for a couple that have been pirated by surrounding nations. It is thought there are thousands of micronations on the planet. Some date back perhaps beyond the 19th century. Other terms used in conjunction with micronations are model countries, fantasy countries, country projects and most currently cybernations.

The Difference between Microstates and Micronations

Microstates are recognized by other nations as being legal and independent state or countries. Many people are aware that the Vatican City is the smallest identified country or microstate in the world. Others are San Marino, Andorra, and Nauru. The list goes on.

Micronations really exist on paper only, and perhaps in the minds of their inhabitants who often give themselves lofty titles much like royalty. They also go beyond this and craft for themselves currency, coat of arms, crowns, flags, stamps and national anthems. Allbeit, their credibility is still in question.

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