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Maritim Hotel in Mauritius is a Marvelous Place for a Romantic Getaway
Photo by Tim Parkinson

Must-see Mauritius: One of the Gorgeous Islands on the Indian Ocean

Magnificent Mauritius. A must-see place for those wanting a holiday in the Indian Ocean off of Africa's East coast. Mauritius sits almost 600 miles east of Madagascar. It is part of the Mascarene Islands chain. Mauritius once belonged to the Dutch, and then the French. Until the 17th century, it was uninhabited. And then after the Napoleonic Wars, the British gained control over the Republic of Mauritius. In 1968, it finally gained its independence.

With an area covering 1200 miles, the common language is Creole while French also spoken; yet English is the official language. Nearly 1,500,000 inhabit Mauritius. Surprisingly, Hinduism is the religion holding the majority.

An interesting fact: 80 years after the dodo bird was discovered here it became extinct; unable to fly, the bird was easy to catch. This made the dodo and ideal dietary mainstay. No place else has the dodo been spotted.

Things to Do in Mauritius

A vast number of visitors that are avid deep sea fishers come here to catch a Marlin, shark or Yellow Tuna. An unfortunate fisherman may hook a Barracuda. November to April is the peak target for all big game fish with deep seas only ½ mile out.

For those wanting to make their holiday in Mauritius, world-class spas draw people here. These are world famous, a must on the to-do list. Let the experts pamper you as you fade into relaxation at its best in a breathtaking resorts. They are known to be some of the best spas to be found anywhere in the world.

Mauritius Makes for a Great Tropical Getaway

Mauritius is an ideal exotic getaway island with its white, endless beaches. The soft sand seeps between the toes feeling like satin. Sip a tropical blend under a parasol. Relax at the water's edge. Become fixated with the pristine turquoise sea that can entrance any visitor.

Accommodation on Mauritius Can Suit Any Budget

Accommodation on Mauritius will delight all. It can meet the criteria and budget for every traveler. This is good news for those wanting to visit an exotic island but have a restricted budget.

Mauritius is also known for its golf resorts. The One&Only Le Touessrok Golf Course is worth mentioning; it was designed by Bernard Langer, pro-tour golfer. It boasts a private island with tropical settings and green mountains. A good number of greens are challenging. The golfer must tee across sea inlets and lakes.

Industry in Mauritius

One of the key industries in Mauritius is tourism. Another key industry is textiles. This includes embroidery, pottery, basket work, recycled glass and cut stones. Pickles, chilies, spices and raw vegetables basking in oil make nice souvenirs. Other popular purchases that are duty free are vanilla and rum.

Sitting In the Southern Hemisphere, Mauritius enjoys its summer season in February. Temperatures average around 90 degrees, only dropping to around 70 degrees in the winter. This makes for a temperate climate that is pleasant all year.

Mauritius is a Strong Choice for a Holiday on the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a lush tropical paradise making it an unregrettable choice for a getaway. It suits the lonely traveler or the couple celebrating anniversaries or taking a honeymoon. It is the best choice for those wanting to pamper themselves in a spa or shoot a round of golf in a dynamic surrounding. If you come expecting to spoil yourself, you will have plenty of option and won't be disappointed.

Written by Jori Sams

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Sunset Over Oberoi Hotel
Photo by Stuart Richards

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Mauritius is world-renowned for its luxurious spas and golf resorts. It is also a great location for deep-sea game fishing.

Mauritius is Home to White Sandy Beaches
Photo by Klabbo
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Maritim Hotel Seaview
Photo by Tim Parkinson

Mauritius was once home to the now extinct Dodo bird, the only place in the world this bird was ever found.

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