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Learn about the living conditions for citizens in North Korea. It is reported that North Korea is one of the worst places in the world to live. There is no religious tolerance there.

King Jong II with Russian Leader Vladamir Putin
Photo by Presidential Office of Information
Map of North Korea

North Koreans are forced to worship the "Eternal Leader," their dead dictator.

Allegiance to Kim II Sung, The "Eternal President"
Photo by Gilad Rom

The Truth Revealed About North Korea

While there is much to say about the present state of North Korea, the most dramatic discussions revolve around the President, Kim Jong II.

Already North Korea is under the gun by human rights organizations regarding their treatment of the North Korean Soccer (football to all the world outside of America) team after their exit in the FIFA World Cup. The government played it up nicely on television, but in reality the team was sentenced to hard labor, according to a report online from The Star on July 30th.

Anyone who has spent time in North Korea or has read up on the strange politics of this country will testify that not all that glitters is gold.

With a population of less than 24 million and a land mass around 120 square kilometers, North Korea has managed to create for itself a sore reputation of one of the worst places on the globe to live.

The Religious State of North Korea

The government is under dictatorship and sponsors a certain religious front to portray religious tolerance, but it is said that religious activities do not exist; not even for the Buddhists or Confucianists, the religious origins of the nation.

Something even more severe and kept under wraps is the religious intolerance of Christianity, first arriving to Korea back in 1777. Even since its dawning, followers of the Christian faith have suffered persecution.

As many as 300 Catholic leaders were reported to be executed back in 1801 for refusing to perform certain rituals. Add a frightening 8,000 more executions to the list in 1866.

An estimated 300,000 people professed Christianity after World War II. Today the number is only in the thousands due to the constant persecution. The exact number is difficult to know with only a few underground churches in existence.

The dictator starved around 2 million citizens in the 1990's to fatten his military.

Conditions of Living in North Korea

Life in North Korea is so bad it is high on the watchlist of human rights organizations. The West is constantly receiving reports of inhumane conditions and torture, especially toward Christians. People try to escape to South Korea and even China via underground operations.

The only "real" religion allowed in North Korea is Juche or "self-reliance". The people are forced to "rely" on Kim II Sung, the "Eternal President". What makes this so strange, Mr. Eternal is dead. The citizens can also worship his son, the "Dear Leader," Kim Jong II, the present dictator.


North Korean Successor Kim Jong Un is Seated on the Left Photo released by the North Korean Government

Korea's Heir Apparent, Kim Jong Un

But all the recent buzz is a photo released of his son, Kim Jong Un, the first clear image ever to be revealed. The heir apparent is seated amongst his father and other important leaders from the regime.

At age 27-ish, he was elevated to the position of a four-star general as well as vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party. This makes it certain to the analysts that he will be the next leader, as his father is ailing.

Penalty for National Hostility

If one is found guilty of hostility against the regime detention in concentration or prison camps is in store. No exact number of prisoners can be calculated presently, as access to such details from the outside world is near impossible. The number could be as high as 200,000 imprisoned for such acts.

Treatment for religious prisoners is by far worse as they are given more perilous tasks. Then, when they refuse to denounce their faith in Christ, it is death by torture. Some Christians have been executed on the spot for refusing to deny their faith.

North Korea is One of the Worst Places in the World to Live

As recent as August 12, 2010 twenty Christians from a house church have been sent to Yodok prison camp and their three leaders killed in the middle of May. These events were confirmed by a band of North Korean defectors, North Korea Intellectual Society, who make it their aim to spread the news against their motherland in hopes it will bring reform.

There is no place more dangerous for people that think and believe for themselves. This is more true for those who have religious ideas beyond Juche. For most in the free world, your worst day will be better than their best day.

Written by Jori Sams

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