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John & Jori's Religious Pilgrimage 2011

Condensed Videolog

Click the following links to watch the videos




Prephase: Santiago de Compostela Part I


Prephase: Santiago de Compostela Part II

Prephase: Toledo Part I

Prephase: Toledo Part II

Phase I: Amsterdam

Phase II: Izmir and Smyrna

Phase III: Ephesus

Phase IV: Selรงuk

Phase V: Pamukkale

Phase VI: Istanbul

Phase VII: Haifa, Akko, Jericho, Nazareth, Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Phase VIII: The Sea of Galilee

Phase IX: Jerusalem, the City of David

Phase X: The Dead and Red Seas

Phase XII: Wadi Rum and Petra

Phase XII: Jordan Wrap up and Rome



*To read the brief journal along with the videolog, click here.
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