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 Children Today Are Not Active and Eat Too Much Sugar
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Parents think they are loving their children by not giving them guidelines.

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Chocolate Is Simply Too Good To Resist. How Much is Too Much?
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sugar children

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The Harm From Children Eating Too Much Sugar, Continued

A Lack of Parent Concern is Ruining Healthy Growth of Children

That is massive. Parents think they are loving their children by not giving them guidelines. The result from such thinking is becoming visible. One of the obvious ways is through their obesity. The other is through their behavior, as too much sugar has a reverse effect on the way a child behaves and responds to parents and peers.

Another grim factor is the amount of time children spend online chatting on social sites or playing computer games. These things are not bad in themselves, but there is no balance.

The solution is a drastic one, and it doesn't appear adults or parents are prepared to alter the rules or add restrictions. Lifestyle changes are seldom adhered to after they are set in place. No one wants to spend time and energy enforcing them or being the enforcer.

The problem is set to worsen in the next decade. In fact, it is estimated that the new generation of youth will not live as long as the preceding generation. This due solely to their diet. Sadly, Europe is beginning to follow this same path, beginning in Great Britain. They used to laugh and point fingers at overweight Americans. Not anymore.

by Jori Sams
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