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free sonnets

blackberrying with Dad


bypassing one another

in a slow circular dance

black lined fingernails


late October berries

circumnavigating nettles

next the heaven-rolled


sand-ploughed field

I am tenderly upbraided

for leaving stems


on my berries

A leaven sky

crouches, somnolent.


We amble gently

homewards, my basket

fuller than his.





The grass spears in diverse directions

And my soul unspills

Here, in this cafe by the towering library.


Hope unveils itself, shyly,

Purity tiptoes forth

And holiness steps humbly from behind a cloud.


A day with my father beneath

Overhanging dinosaurs

An invaded bees nest and battered basket


Wherein hides a clock tick-tocking until 6

When I can praise

My all-mighty, beloved God in heaven.

Poems by Hannah Caroe

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